How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Clothes

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Clothes

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Some time ago bed bugs were a global public health pest, which declined in incidence during the middle of the 20th Century.  However, in recent times, bed bugs have had a dramatic resurrection and there are global indications of ever growing numbers of invasions.  Bed bugs are among the greatest travelers of the world and they are transported readily via clothing, luggage, furniture and bedding.  Below are some guidelines of how to get rid of bed bugs in clothes and elsewhere around the home:

•Follow an IPM of Integrated Pest Management Approach
This entails a number of techniques such as preventive measures, sanitation and chemicals which are applied to infested areas.
•Use Rubbing Alcohol to Spray Bed Bugs
Doing this will kill them on the spot and alcohol is safe on most fabric.  Make use of a dish brush and the rubbing alcohol to destroy the visible eggs.
•Launder Affected Clothing at a Minimum of 120 Degrees Fahrenheit
This is a great way of destroying the bed bugs.  For bug-ridden clothing items that cannot be machine washed, heating is a great method of ridding them of the bugs.  You can wrap clothing with delicate fabric in plastic and place them in a very sunny location for a minimum a three days.  In addition, bed bugs will succumb to temperatures that are below freezing; however, you have to maintain the chilling period for a minimum of two weeks.
•Kill Bed bugs and Their Eggs with Steam
The local hardware store is a good place to get a simple steam-generating device or you could convert an electric kettle into a killer steam machine by connecting a flexible tube.  By thoroughly spraying all the seams and corners of clothing storage areas as well as other infested areas, you will be able to destroy all the bed bugs and their eggs.
•Empty Dressers and Nightstands
Thoroughly scrutinize these and other pieces of furniture inside and out; turn them over to examine under the woodwork.  The bugs will often hide in recesses, corners and cracks.
•Vacuum Your Home
Doing this will get rid of eggs and bugs from mattresses, walls, carpet and other surfaces.
Depending on the severity of the bug bed infestation, the guidelines above might not get rid of the little critters.  If that happens, then it might be time for you to think about consulting with a reputable and professional exterminator.  Qualified exterminators are familiar with where to search for bed bugs and they have lots of effective tools at their disposal.

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