Don’t bring bedbugs home from a hotel | Travel | The Seattle Times

When doing any task one tends to make mistakes and it’s told by our elders that one should learn from out mistakes. However what if you get to learn from someone else’s mistakes? That would be much better and you would not lose anything as well. This article has been formulated so that you don’t do the same mistakes when killing bed bugs.

Bedbugs have made a big comeback in recent years, say University of Florida urban entomologists Phil Koehler and Roberto Pereira. The tiny, blood-sucking pests are light brown, and the adults are slightly less than a ……Don’t bring bedbugs home from a hotel | Travel | The Seattle Times

To summarize the whole article I would say that when considering solving a problem one should rely on practical facts first and then think about further steps. Believing in myths may sometimes solve your problem but may cause some other harm instead.

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